Wednesday, April 25, 2018

8th Grade GOAL Reflection

 My favorite part of the trip is actually hard to pick. I loved having all of my closest friends with me and being able to have one enormous deepthinking weekend with them. We were all laughing, playing, joking, and just not caring about the world for a couple of days. It felt nice to be with the people I care about the most for awhile. I guess you could my favorite part of the trip was the entire thing(except the museums.)
At the art museum, my favorite piece of artwork was "Thompson Home In Union Park," by Grant Wood. It was definitely a cotemporary piece of painting and just looking at it made me feel really calm. Something about it pulled me in and kept me wanting to look at it. The best example of art work was "Landshaft" painted by Gerhard Richter. It was a landscape painting that seemed to never end. Some artists names that I reconized were Grant Wood, Georgia O'Keefe, and Pablo Picasso. One piece of art that made me question why is this art was one I couldn't find the name for. It was created by El Anatsui. The art piece looked almost like a rug that hung down from the ceiling and just seemed really raggyity. It definitefly seemed like it had no point being in the musuem.
The most educational part of the trip was the fire and ice demostration. It was really cool to see how certain elements reacted with each other, such as a fire and oxygen in the "whoosh tube." Also, Chris was an amazing teacher and made the experience really fun!
Like my favorite part of the trip, picking the most fun part is also hard. I had so much fun everywhere, except the musuems. I seriously cannot think of one part that was more fun then the other. Having everyone in the pool together was really fun because we played games like, Marco Polo. It was great to have everyone together and laughing. Another really fun part was the science center. We did a crime science lab and my team nailed it! We had free time to explore, which we ended up discovering a green screen for a weather station, in which we made floating heads and headless bodies.
This trip fit the title of "Images of Greatness" because we were introduced to a variety of people who have made a huge, positive impact to the world. We also were learned a lot of new information that mauybe can lead us to do something great for the world.
If I could improve the trip in one way, it would be take out the musuems stops. The art musuem and World Food Prize center weren't all that fun and I zoned out a lot because none of the stuff interested me. Which I know, taking them out would probably only "benefit" me, because some people liked the musuems. I just don't think they were that important to spend over an hour at each of them, I don't even remember anything we learned at the Art Museum or World Food Prize Center.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Independent Project Relfections

     I did my project on, what I like to call "mental monsters of the brain," Anxiety and Depression. When I started to research this project, I wasn't going in blind. I already knew a decent amount of research, but knew I wanted to know more. I used Prezi for my presentation format because it seemed the easiest to present with and most compatible with my topic.
     There are two things I loved a lot about my project. The first being, I was able to educate those who thought Anxiety and Depression were just excuse and nothing more than a mere mirage to the infected minds. Those uneducated learned that Anxiety and Depression is so much more than that. The second thing being that I was able to present in a way that I could never before. Passionately. I suffer from Anxiety and Depression so being able to be passionate about the topic I was presenting felt amazing. I know I connected with my audience more. I had better research facts. I even worked harder.
     The hardest thing about my project/topic didn't really have anything to do with organizing it, putting it together, or making it, but knowing that I have friends who suffer from these mental disorders as well and not knowing exactly how to help. It was really hard to stay strong and not cry when some of my friends started to cry at the end of my presentation because they felt I really put it into perspective for others who don't/didn't understand. Some also said they hated having these monsters in their minds 24/7, I mean who doesn't. So, when some started crying I felt terrible. I wanted to help, but all I could was use my words to try and make them feel better.
     I improved as a learner by not having to ask Mrs. Edlin so many questions this year when something went wrong and figured out more solutions on my own. I also improved by getting my rhythm and schedule worked out without the help of an adult having to tell to work on my research or make sure i was getting started on my Prezi.
     If I could do the whole thing over again, I would most definitely improve the way I presented, I stayed in one place and swayed, even though I wanted to move around because I felt I could connect better with my audience, but I let my nerves get the best of me.

Monday, January 8, 2018

One Word

My word for the year to focus on is breathe. I chose this word because when something goes wrong in my life, I'm very quick to react badly and never take the time to relax and actually fix it. I'd like to be able to relax and figure things out this year in a calm way this year. This word will help me be a better person and make me easier to be around in stressful situations.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

TKAM Reflection

Now that we are done with the book AND movie, I know for sure which one I like more, the book. The movie left out so many important parts or messed the parts up badly. I know that a movie can't capture all the parts of a book, but the movie barely got anything. Such as, when Tom Robinson died, Atticus delivered the news at night, on the front porch, with Jem, Scout, and Miss Maudie. As in the book, Atticus came home early when there were ladies in the house with Aunt Alexandra, and delivered the news in the kitchen with Cal and Aunt Alexandra. The way Tom died in the movie was different in the book. Also in the movie, Aunt Alexandra wasn't in the movie at all. One thing that was really similar in between the book and movie was Atticus' closing statement in the courtroom. It made me really happy that they got it right because to me that is a really important part. Another thing that was similar is when Scout said,"Hey Boo." I didn't know if they were gonna add that in the movie because it was such a little but also had a lot of meaning. Overall, I personally don't like the movie at all, but love the book.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

   DWA 9/26/17     My worst fear is kidnapper vans. The ones that are usually white, long, and have tinted windows or no windows at all except the driver door. I see them in movies a lot, which scares me because the bad guys are always driving these vans. I will never, ever, ever in my lifetime go near one of those vans. One of the teachers here at FMS sometimes drives one of them and I'm actually scared of him. I don't why I'm so scared of them exactly, besides the movies, but I am. I have another huge fear and it's not being able to keep my friends/family/teachers safe. I know a 13 year shouldn't worry about those kind of things, but I do. It goes through my head constantly,"What's my plan if someone breaks into my house? What can I do if someone came into the school and took someone hostage? Will I sacrifice my life to save someone else?" I know for a fact that, even if it meant giving up my life, I'd save the person in trouble. I know that people will never think of giving up life to save someone as a number one solution, but I do. So I'd be the first person to come up with a plan and go through with it. I just don't want people I love or know to die.    

   DWA 9/28/17     Sometimes when I'm running, I pretend that the longer I run, the farther away my past is. When I run, I feel powerful, fast, weightless. I feel like everything that has happened to me, doesn't even matter now. I sometimes feel dead inside. Like, my heart has no emotion, or my brain is on pause. Running gives my heart emotion. It gives it excitement. It gives it power. Running makes my brain flow. It makes it scream with joy. When I run, I wonder if people ever think,"Wow she's happy or holy cow, look at how energetic she is!" In reality, I'm not. I'm tired. I'm doubtful. I'm hopeless. I'm not happy, but I'm not sad. I'm okay. I'm getting by. I'm getting through it. That's one reason I like school. It distracts my mind from wandering or going to the sad place. When I'm home, everything is confusing and out of place. It's like I don't feel like I belong, but others do.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Words of Wisdom"

From doing this project I learned that older people are definitely more wise than young kids/teenagers. I think the reason this is is because they have been alive longer so they have seen more and experienced more than us young ones have. I also learned that receiving advice from others is super important because sometimes we all get stuck and need a little reminder or advice.