Friday, March 17, 2017

History Day Reflection

We, as in Delaney Breen, Hannah Bergren, and I did a website about Lewis Hine and how he changed the future for children.

     The thing I like most about our project is the information and how it looks because the information in my opinion is really good and will teach a viewer of our website a lot and how it looks because it's in black and white for the "olden times" and it just fits with topic.
     One interesting thing I learned about our topic is that Lewis Hine sometimes disguised himself as a maintenance worker, an employee, etc. so he could get into places where people wouldn't allow photographers. This interests me because he cared so much about the children he risked his job and reputation to "call out" the people who were working performing child labor. Another thing that interested me a lot was that in order to tell a child's' height, he used the buttons on his vest. This is interesting because he improvised and used his resources well.
     The hardest part of this project was DEADLINES! The deadlines scared the crap out of me. The time seemed to just fly by and I was thinking if we don't meet deadlines we are going to fail or get an F on this project.
     I improved by a learner by learning how to use noodle tools a whole lot better and with annotated bibliographies.
      To be honest I don't think there is anything I want to improve on our website because we did our best and it looks great!
    The thing I'm most proud of when it comes to our project is how well we worked together. Hannah, Delaney, and I are close, but we also had some problems that we had to work out and agree to disagree.
    Our topic relates to the history day theme because Lewis stood up for children safety their rights to go to school instead of having to stay home and go to work to help support their family.

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